23T-X Kit

Detroit Speedcraft is for sale. Detroit Speedcraft has extensive engineering documentation, tooling, molds, and etc. that would present a great opportunity to carry on the “Next Generation T-Bucket Roadster” recipe. If you want to know more, read our Executive Overview | READ |.

What is the 23T-X? The Detroit Speedcraft 23T-X represents a continuous and relentless move forward to improve our product. There are three major features that make this hot rod unique. First, three inches was added to the cowl for more legroom and comfortable driving position. Next, we developed dual “speed blisters” that create more foot-space for the driver and passenger. Finally, a steering column and cross-car beam was added for extra rigidity and strength. This is a real "riding in style/riding in comfort" hot rod!


23T-X Kit - Pre-Assembled Roller Package

The kit comes as a pre-assembled roller. This makes it much easier to ship and taking it apart provides you a good instructional reference for final assembly.

The kit includes many extras such as:

Fitted floor

Suspension alignment

Assembled rear brakes

Mounted grille shell

Fitted steering shaft

Fitted transmission tunnel

Brake and fuel lines installed

You are not required to do any:


Vehicle alignment

Driveline angle setup (engine mounts and transmission mount in place)

All of these adjustments are done for you in the kit. The vehicle can be disassembled and reassembled with basic hand tools. All of the ride, drive, and ergonomic characteristics that make our cars superior to other T-Buckets are built into your kit.

With the effort we make to provide you with a complete and totally pre-adjusted chassis and engine package we have greatly reduced your effort.  Certain things you may not be familiar with and could be done incorrectly could have very negative affects on vehicle dynamics. Such as shake, vibration, steering nibble, bump steer, wander, etc.

From completely fitted and installed brake and fuel lines to wheels and tires, this hot rod kit is ready to roll into your garage for a fun building experience to begin!