Dave and Tom started designing and building their vision of a “Next Generation T-Bucket Roadster” in 2008 and have been hitting it real hard ever since. They have enjoyed immensely building hot rods for customers from Hawaii to New York. Unfortunately, time and age has become a weight too heavy bare for the two Detroit motorheads to overcome and take the business to the next level.
Taking the business to the next level is something Dave and Tom would love to see happen. Detroit Speedcraft has extensive engineering documentation, tooling, molds, and etc. that would present a great opportunity to carry on the “Next Generation T-Bucket Roadster” recipe. If there is interest in continuing where Dave and Tom left off or plugging the Detroit Speedcraft Roadster into an existing classic car restoration/hot rod business, give them a shout.
In the mean time, the website will remain up with the Gallery and videos. However, Detroit Speedcraft will no longer be taking any orders for kits or turnkey cars.


This Ain’t Your Daddy’s T-Bucket